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Would you use Reverb to sell your guitar?

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Pay upfront to advertise your guitar for sale, does that sound so crazy?

More and more people now buy and resell their guitars than they ever have in the past. The combination of the internet and middle age, largely men, (don't tell the wife) has created an online exchange market that didn't exist a decade ago.

Reverb, eBay and Facebook all provide a platform for individuals to become their own mini Andersons or GuitarGuitar, but it's Reverb that has been primary in capitalising on the phenomenon of the guitar junky (I can stop at five, honest). Now owned by Etsy, Reverb has become a multi million dollar global interest, but does it offer the guitar consumer a good deal. Without doubt guitar prices have increased for a many reasons, but I would suggest that the Reverb pricing policy has also had a direct influence on the price of guitars. Reverb is of course very comprehensive in the service that it offers, not least in providing the peace of mind that your payments are secure. Nevertheless, 8.2% plus is a good chunk off your final sale and there is no doubt that any self respecting seller will factor in this percentage, adding it to their initial selling price. Now that Reverb's influence is so strong, it can only be the case that traditional retailers of second hand guitars, must also have to factor in this additional percentage.

It begs the question whether there is an alternative means of selling that unwanted guitar. Consider if you will paying a small upfront surcharge rather than a final percentage, the monies earned from the sale would then be all yours. Surely such an option would be a know brainer!

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